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Atlas F1   The French GP Quiz

  by Marcel Schot, Netherlands

Time to test how well you know the history of the French Grand Prix. Simply choose one answer to each of the following 12 questions, and press "submit" to get the results. Have fun!

1. Who was the first Frenchman to win the French Grand Prix?

Maurice Trintignant
Alain Prost
Jean-Pierre Jabouille

  2. How many drivers qualified outside the 107% in last year's French GP?


3. Who has achieved the most Pole Positions in the French GPs?

Juan Manuel Fangio
Jim Clark
Alain Prost

4. On how many different tracks was the French GP held in the last 50 years?


5. How many times has a Renault powered car won the French Grand Prix?


  6. In 1997 Jacques Villeneuve tried to overtake Eddie Irvine for third in the final corner. What happened?

He succeeded
He spun, ending his race
He spun, but kept 4th place

7. Which circuit does not have a corner-name at Magny Cours?


  8. Which company was the main sponsor of last year's French Grand Prix?

Mobil 1

9. Who was the first driver to set Pole Position at Magny Cours?

Nigel Mansell
Alain Prost
Riccardo Patrese

  10. Who is the only current driver to have participated in a French GP outside Magny Cours?

Jean Alesi
Johnny Herbert
Mika Hakkinen

11. Who was the last non-German to win the French Grand Prix?

Jacques Villeneuve
Damon Hill
Alain Prost

  12. Who is the only driver to have won three French Grands Prix in a row?

Jackie Stewart
Juan Manuel Fangio
Alain Prost

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The Atlas F1 Quiz script was prepared by Paul Ryder

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