ATLAS TEAM Formula One News January 1996

Formula One News
News Editor: Michael Viveen


(01-31-1996): High hopes for new Tyrrell
(01-30-1996): Safety in F1; Jordan
(01-29-1996): Arrows confirms Verstappen; New Ligier Presented
(01-27-1996): Schumacher unsure about Ferrari Release Date; Ferrari ends tests at Le Castellet
(01-25-1996): Williams may be charged with death Senna; Stewart goes Asia; Ferrari not happy with weather at tests; Head thinks Hill has the best changes for WC in 1996; Roundup
(01-23-1996): Introduction of the 'idiot test' and metal brakes?
(01-21-1996): Minardi sign Lamy; Lauda stays with Ferrari
(01-19-1996): Frentzen tests new Sauber again; Schumacher wants to move to Switzerland
(01-18-1996): Hill fastest in testing; Hill favourite WC tittle 1996 according to Eddie Jordan; Frentzen in new Sauber
(01-17-1996): Hill spins-off again; New sponsor Schumacher
(01-16-1996): Schumacher and Hill crash; Boullion stays with Williams
(01-15-1996): Blundell moves to Indycar; Villeneuve fastest in tests; ex-F1 pilot convicted
(01-13-1996): Schumacher wants more tests
(01-12-1996): Coulthard happy with McLaren; Schumacher thinks Ferrari is OK
(01-11-1996): Tyrrell signes Katayama; Schumi denies tax-dodging; Premature end tests Ferrari
(01-10-1996): Bernie Ecclestone a fortune-teller? Verstappen-Arrows deal still unsure
(01-09-1996): Schumacher pre-tests V-10 Ferrari
(01-08-1996): Schumacher to McLaren?
(01-05-1996): Ferrari moves tests; Tyrrell to test soon
(01-05-1996): STEWART GRAND PRIX joins Formula One, Coulthard will stay with McLaren