Hill: no championship for me

Monday March 3, 1997

Arrows driver Damon Hill admitted:"I'm not going to win the title this year. I'm not happy about it, but I'm resigned to the fact there is nothing I can do. I'll have to watch the title being taken away from me without being able to put up a proper fight. I have to accept that and get on with my job. There is no point being bitter and resentful even though I believe I could have won another championship had I stayed with Williams. My goal was always to win the world championship and I've done that.It's in the record books, but I don't intend to sit back and accept my lot."

Hill added: "I know I'm not going to win in Melbourne next week, but I haven't given up hope of winning a race this season. The thought of winning still spurs me on."

Eventhough the tests didn't go very well Hill said: "The car is great it's just a bit on the slow side. Where we are now is just not good enough. There is not enough horsepower in the engine. If we can qualify in the top 10 in Australia that would be a tremendous achievement. But I won't settle for that because I don't want to remain in the middle of the grid. We have the potential to improve more than any other car on the grid and I am determined that we will make progress throughout the season."

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