Schumacher to face FIA council
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Monday October 27, 1997

Race stewards said yesterday that the action Michael Schumacher took to stop Villeneuve from overtaking him and hereby hitting Villeneuve was a racing accident. The German driver does have to face the FIA council in Paris.

A FIA statement said: "Following a report from the FIA race director at the 1997 European Grand Prix, the FIA has summoned Michael Schumacher to appear before an extraordinary meeting of the World Motor Sport Council, which will take place in Paris on 11 November 1997, at 9.30am (0830 GMT)."

Schumacher has received heavy criticism from around the world on his 'move'. Schumacher doesn't understand what the criticism is all about he even thinks he has helped Villeneuve stay on the track.

Schumacher stated: "Jacques cut in and didn't try to brake at all. Certainly, I closed the door. It was clearly about winning it all or nothing and there was nothing more to lose. Without me, Jacques would have more or less driven into the gravel pit. That's why I don't quite understand the situation now."

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