New Engine Spec for Schumacher

Wednesday August 12, 1998

Michael Schumacher will have a new engine spec for this weekend's Grand Prix in hungary. Based on the current 047/d, the newer 047/d/3 will have 30 more HP than its prototype. Ferrari estimates the new engine will be worth 0.2-0.6 seconds a lap. In order to keep the Engine from overheating Ferrari also added four air intakes into the F300's sidepods.

Ferrari were very pleased with the engine's reliability in latest testings, and decided to use it for the coming Grand Prix, which will be crucial for Schumacher's chances in the World Championship. The newer engine apparently has 800 HP and revs as high as 17,600. However, during the race Ferrari will run it at 780 HP and 17,400 RPM to ensure reliability.

Reported to Atlas F1 by Jan Nottmeier

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