Prost is building its future
Prost is building its future
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Monday January 25th, 1999

With the presentation of the new Prost-Peugeot Alain Prost clearly states that he is looking at the future. This car, which was developed bin co-operation with John Barnards company, is just another step forward. The goal is to be able to compete for the championship in two years. Barnard stated: "It's been a tremendous experience. I have worked with Alain many times in the past. We have a good relationship and I was pleased to join this project. I was asked to take a close look at the entire thing and ended up doing a lot of work on the front end and the suspension system."

Alain Prost feels he first needs to stabilise his team first and give it a spot in Formula One and then move up the field. He stated: "It is always difficult to say exactly what a team's objectives are and I don't want to be too specific. But if we have Ferrari and McLaren within reach, that will be reasonably good."

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