Jordan: Hill Might Leave Before the End of Season
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Monday June 21st, 1999

Jordan team owner, Eddie Jordan, reflected on the announcement of his driver, Damon Hill, that he will retire at the end of this season, by saying that Hill might actually quit before the season ends.

Speaking to BBC radio, Jordan said: "We do have a contract which is binding on both sides. Jordan is not in the business of breaching contracts. Neither I am sure is Damon. However, If after the British Grand Prix or Germany or something Damon said, 'Look Eddie, I am not helping the team as much as I would want to', I'd think he would stand down.

"He is not afraid of things like this. In fact he is a very pragmatic man and clearly understands the importance. He has pledged to his fans and to Jordan team, his engineers and mechanics and me in person that he wants Jordan to finish in the top three of the world championship this year, so I think he will do whatever is required to achieve that. If that means stopping, that's a possibility."

Jordan did however go on to say he hopes this will not happen, "because quite clearly there are not many other drivers of his calibre available at the moment."

Jordan's comments also echo those of Formula One Administration's boss, Bernie Ecclestone, who said in the British Press that Hill might have been better off quitting immediately. "I hate guys who say they are going to stop at the end of the season," Ecclestone was quoted as saying last week. "If they have a crash and something happens to them, it is made all the worse because everyone knows they were getting ready to pack in."

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