The FIA's Conculsions on Schumacher's Accident
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Tuesday July 13th, 1999

Following Michael Schumacher's accident at Silverstone, the FIA issued the following statement:

"The FIA Accident Data Recorder (black box) from Michael Schumacher's car has been downloaded.

"Preliminary analysis indicates he first braked at 306 kmph and achieved an initial deceleration of 3.1g ("g" is the acceleration due to gravity: 35.3 kph per second). This then fell to 2.1g. At 204 kph the front wheels locked. By the time he left the tarmac, the deceleration had fallen to 1.3g. The average deceleration in the gravel trap was 1.1g. The speed of impact at the tyre barrier was 107 kph.

"A great deal of information has been obtained about events subsequent to the impact with the tyre barrier. This will be carefully analysed in conjunction with the team, who are carrying out a detailed examination of the car. New knowledge will undoubtedly come from a full analysis of the accident which will be reconstructed with the help of outside experts. Further safety improvements may well result.

"The gravel trap performed satisfactorily (1.1g retardation) in a worst-case situation. Despite much comment, there are no simple answers to the problem of slowing an out-of-control car. The relevant measures are under constant review."

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