Hill Expected to Announce his Decision by End of Week
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Tuesday July 13th, 1999

Jordan driver Damon Hill is expected to announce his decision whether to retire from Formula One racing now or continue until the end of the season by the end of this week, Jordan spokesman said.

The Jordan team are currently testing at Monza, along with most other F1 teams, however Hill has decided not to participate in this test session but rather take some time off to think in his villa at the south of Spain. "Damon has taken a few days off to go away and think things through," a Jordan official said today, and added: "We do not expect anything until Friday."

Damon Hill was initially expected to race for the last time on his home track at Silverstone. However, after he has finished Sunday's race within the points, he was reluctant to say whether indeed he is set to retire now. Furthermore, Jordan team chief, Eddie Jordan, said after the race he would want Hill to continue. Hill said he will announce his decision the day after the race, however, this did not happen.

Eddie Jordan himself was due to leave to his own villa at Spain, thus allowing speculations that the two will meet during their holiday and hold a talk over this, however Jordan has changed his course to Sardinia instead and therefore the two will not meet before the end of the week.

Insiders at Jordan said today that Hill, who initially seemed set to continue racing this year, could now be having second thoughts following Michael Schumacher's crash and injuries at the British Grand Prix. Hill visited Schumacher yesterday at the Northampton General Hospital, where the German underwent surgery, and was there for about 15 minutes.

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