Update on Michael Schumacher's Condition; Congratulates Irvine
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Sunday July 25th, 1999

After a week's rest in his Swiss home, Michael Schumacher begins this week an intense fitness and recovery, which mainly includes biking and weight lifting. Schumacher, who was operated on his right leg two weeks ago, after he was injured in the British Grand Prix, had his surgical stitches removed. The 30 cm metal plate, inserted in his leg, will be removed only in about a year. However, the plate in itself should not compromise Schumacher's motorial ability.

Schumacher is already able, according to reports, to walk with a cane without experiencing pain. It is still uncertain when Schumacher will resume racing this season, if at all. Recent reports claimed Schumacher is set to return at the Italian Grand Prix, and German's Der Spiegel claims that even earlier - at the Belgian Grand Prix. Schumacher himself was reluctant to set a date, saying: "It's getting better every day, but I have been ordered not to put any weight on my leg so I really can't tell you when I will drive again."

Schumacher is scheduled to hold a press conference over satellite during next weekend's German Grand Prix. However, he had a few German journalists visit him today at his home, where he was watching the Austrian Grand Prix in television. He took the opportunity to congratulate Eddie Irvine on his win today, saying: "Eddie did a great job. He drove a very clean race and especially kept his nerve at the end when Coulthard increased the pressure. I also have to give a great compliment to the team which once again chose the right race strategy. The world championship is now wide open."

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