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BAR Confirms Villeneuve and Pollock's Positions

Friday December 3rd, 1999

British American Racing today confirmed its management structure and responded to continuing discussion in the media about the status of driver, Jacques Villeneuve.

Craig Pollock will be responsible for the management and running of the business side of the team while Adrian Reynard will be responsible for all technically related aspects, as envisaged in the original partnership agreement.

"I am happy that the team's management structure is now settled and all of our energies can be directed towards the performance of the team for the 2000 season," commented Craig Pollock.

Adrian Reynard added, "We now have a really solid platform from which to work and are consequently looking forward with great anticipation to the start of the new Grand Prix season. We are also very excited about the fact that the British American Racing Honda 02 will run for the first time in the next few days."

At the same time, Jacques Villeneuve took the opportunity to respond to media reports concerning his future with the team. "I know there has been a lot of speculation in the press over recent weeks," he observed, "but I believe that British American Racing having gone through very difficult times in 1999, now has the management structure to be competitive very quickly. I am very much looking forward to being with the team during the 2000 season."

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