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Jaguar May Need to Change Colour Scheme

Monday December 13th, 1999

Jaguar Racing may have to change its livery, due to concerns that the paint chosen for the cars is too heavy. Ford unveiled its 2000 car at the Frankfurt Motorshow three months ago, using a special green colour, reminiscent of the British Racing Green, but with the ability to change its shade according to light reflection on the car.

The Proposed Jaguar carIn a report published yesterday by a local newspaper in England, The Sunday Mercury, a Jaguar spokesman explained that, "The car really does look stunning but there are worries that the paint which was chosen for the Frankfurt launch may simply be too heavy. It may sound ridiculous but the paint could really make a difference to the car's chances of winning races next season.

"Green is still the favoured colour but it may have to be another shade. The cars may end up not looking quite as attractive but we are playing with factors here where just a few hundredths of a second can be the difference between success and failure."

A Spokesman for the Stewart team, due to change its name to Jaguar Racing as of January 1st, also added that the team is still uncertain what colour scheme would be chosen eventually, and said they are currently running paint tests. "The density of the paint is a vital consideration but I cannot comment further than that at this moment in time," said Cameron Kellecher. "There are other factors to resolve, such as what shows up best on TV and what will give the team a strong identity. However, whatever we decide, there will be a green element to the cars' liveries."

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