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Schumacher to Race in Malaysia After all

Friday October 8th, 1999

Despite his recent statements to the contrary, Michael Schumacher has decided to return to the cockpit for Ferrari for the final two races of the season.

A statement released by Ferrari said, "After three days of intensive testing at Mugello and Fiorano, Michael saw that there had been a big improvement in his physical condition and therefore he has decided to take part in the two final and very important races of the season, to give the maximum support to Ferrari in the fight for the Championships and to fulfill the wishes of the team and all the fans."

It is unclear just what could have happened to cause such a complete change of heart. Earlier in the week Schumacher was quoted as stating that a problem with one of his knees was preventing him returning to full training and therefore his fitness level was not up to driving a full grand prix distance at his usual pace.

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