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Ferrari Win Appeal; All Points Reinstated

Saturday October 23rd, 1999

Max Mosley has announced in Paris, that Ferrari's appeal was accepted by the FIA's Court of Appeal. Mosley said the panel of judges found the rules and regulations are to be blamed in this case for not being clear enough.

Ferrari used article 3.12.6 of the FIA's technical regulations, to argue their case yesterday, Mosley revealed. The article states that "To help overcome any possible manufacturing problems, a tolerance of +/- 5mm is permissible across these surfaces." Ferrari successfully claimed that the stewards' measurement at Sepang were wrong, and that if the vane is turned to a certain angle, the flat underside falls within those allowed 5mm in the regulations.

"The court of appeal criticised, I think with some justification, our methods of measurement." Mosley said. "There was also criticism by the court as to the regulation itself. Those two criticisms of the methods of measurement are going to be looked into very carefully.

"Having regard to the fact that the dimensions in the vane exceeded the tolerance of the regulations and having regard to the uncertainty introduced by the methods of measurement and the wording of the regulations, the court of appeal have decided to overturn the decision of the stewards and therefore the original result of the race stands in its entirety. That is to say, the drivers have the points they earned in the race and so does the constructor, Ferrari."

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