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Speed Limiters Not Banned

Thursday April 13th, 2000

In a change to the revised rules relating to the electronics that were set to be introduced for the upcoming British Grand Prix, the FIA has allowed the teams to use a modified version of their pit lane speed limiters.

On Wednesday, the FIA agreed that they could be used provided the speed limiters were "hard-coded" below 50mph. This is to prevent teams from adjusting the system, which will prevent such features as launch or traction control being implemented. The limiters will still be able to operate the rear light and fuel flap filler however. Also, the speed sensors which the systems use can only be on the front (undriven) wheels from now on.

Engine speed must now be derived from a single sensor on the crankshaft, whose signal is filtered at one FIA-approved frequency, while ignition timing and injection fueling maps can only use as input engine speed and throttle position. Other changes include restrictions covering engine braking and idle control, and a limit of one new software version per event for each team throughout the rest of the season.

The FIA fax that advised the teams of these changes added, "It should be pointed out that we are not seeking opinions or making proposals, we are providing information about how we intend to ensure all cars comply with the technical regulations."

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