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The AP03 Car Specifications

The AP03

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    Chassis: Carbon composite monocoque designed and manufactured at Prost Grand Prix. Combined oil circuit, with engine and gearbox supply located between the engine and the cockpit.

    Front and rear suspension: Push rod operated torsion bars and carbon composite wishbones.

    Brakes: Prost Grand Prix system. AP Racing calipers.

    Transmission: Longitudinal semi-automatic seven-speed gearbox. PGP design, manufactured by X-Trac. Hand controlled AP Racing multi-plate carbon clutch.

    Fuel system: ATL rubber fuel cell mounted within the monocoque structure behind the cockpit.

    Cooling system: Asymmetrical. Separate water radiators in each side pod, plus oil (gear box and engine) radiator on left hand side of engine.

    Electric system: 12-Volt system with light batteries.

    Engine Specification - Peugeot A20

    Number of cylinders: 10, 72 degree 'Vee'

    Cubic capacity: 2998 cc

    Timing: By gear group

    Valves: 4 per cylinders, with pneumatic return

    Cylinder block and cylinder heads: Light alloy

    Camshafts: 2 per row of cylinders

    Fuel feed and ignition: TAG Electronic control

    Dimensions: 583mm x 544mm x 376mm

    Weight: Less than 120 kg

    Team Principals

    Alain ProstTeam Owner - Alain Prost
    Date of birth : February 24, 1955 at Saint-Chamond, French
    Residence : Yens sur Morges, Switzerland

    Grands Prix raced : 199
    Points : 798 1/2
    World titles : 1985, 1986, 1989 and 1993
    Competitive debut : Formula Renault in 1976
    Formula One debut : Argentinian Grand Prix, 1980 with McLaren
    Sports : Cycling, golf and skiing

    Career Summary

    1980: F1 World Championship, for McLaren, 15th (5 points)

    1981: F1 World Championship, for Renault, 5th (43 points, 3 wins)

    1982: F1 World Championship, for Renault, 4th (34 points, 2 wins)

    1983: F1 World Championship, for Renault, 2nd (57 points, 4 wins)

    1984: F1 World Championship, for McLaren, 2nd (71,5 points, 7 wins)

    1985: F1 World Championship, for McLaren, 1st (73/76 points, 5 wins)

    1986: F1 World Championship, for McLaren, 1st (72/74 points, 4 wins)

    1987: F1 World Championship, for McLaren, 4th (46 points, 3 wins)

    1988: F1 World Championship, for McLaren, 2nd (87/105 points, 7 wins)

    1989: F1 World Championship, for McLaren, 1st (76/81 points, 4 wins)

    1990: F1 World Championship, for Ferrari, 2nd (71/73 points, 5 wins)

    1991: F1 World Championship, for Ferrari, 5th (34 points)

    1993: F1 World Championship, for Williams, 1st (99 points, 7 wins)

    1994/95: Public Relations work for Renault

    1996: Formula One Technical Advisor to McLaren

    1997: Took control of the former Ligier team on February 13, 1997

    1998: Team owner of Gauloises Prost Peugeot

    Bernard DudotBernard Dudot
    Date of birth : January 30, 1939 Nancy, France
    Residence : Chavenay, France
    Studies : CESTI (Centre d'Etudes Sup?rieures de Techniques Industrielles) de Paris

    Career Summary

    1967: Set up and ran the engines department for Alpine Renault

    1973: Developed 2-litre normally-aspirated V6 and Turbo charged units for Renault Gordini

    1974: Manager of the Renault Gordini Le Mans project

    1978: Chief Engineer (Engines) for Renault Gordini

    1980: Technical Director for Renault Sport

    1997: Joined Prost Grand Prix as Technical Director

    1998: Technical Director for Prost Grand Prix

    John BarnardJohn Barnard
    Date of birth : May 4, 1946 England
    Nationality : British

    Career Summary

    1979-86: Technical Director - McLaren

    1986-89: Technical Director - Ferrari

    1990-91: Technical Director - Benetton

    1992: Technical Director - Toyota

    1992-97: Technical Director - Ferrari

    1997-98: Technical Director - Arrows

    1999: Exclusive consultant for Prost Grand Prix - B3 Technologies

    Alan JenkinsTechnical Director - Alan Jenkins
    Date of birth : July 24 1947, Heswell, Great Britain.
    Nationality : British
    Studies : Academic background and early career in Product Design.

    Career Summary

    1979: Motorsport debut as assistant to John Barnard in the "Project 4" which was to become the McLaren MP4.

    1981-84: McLaren International; Responsible for aerodynamic development and Race Engineer to John Watson and Alain Prost. World Champions in 1984.

    1985-86: Penske Racing; Chief Engineer. In charge of Danny Sullivan and Al Unser Sr winning Indy 500 and overall Championships.

    1987-89: Onyx F3000 team; Responsible for the development of a F1 project. In 1989, Onyx runs its first F1 season including podium at Estoril.

    1990-95: Arrows Grand Prix; Technical Director.

    1996-98: Stewart Grand Prix; Technical Director. Worked with Jackie Stewart and Ford to build the team and Responsible for the SF1, SF2 and SF3.

    1999-00: Prost Grand Prix; Technical Director.

    The Drivers

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    Jean Alesi
    see bio

    Nick Heidfeld
    see bio

    Test driver: Stephane Sarrazin

    Team Milestones

    February 1997: Alain Prost acquires the Ligier Team and forms Prost Grand Prix. He signs a three-year contract with Peugeot for an exclusive engine supply starting from 1998.

    March 1997: The start of a 'transitional' season : Prost Grand Prix is still based in its small premises of Magny Cours and the Prost JS45, powered by a Mugen-Honda engine, makes its debut at the Australian GP. Olivier Panis and Shinji Nakano share driving duties.

    June 1997: Panis, who had just scored second place at the Spanish GP, is injured at the Canadian GP. He is replaced for the following 7 races by Jarno Trulli.

    September 1997: Prost Grand Prix starts construction of a new factory in the Paris suburb of St.Quentin en Yvelines. Work proceeds at record pace.

    November 1997: The team finishes the Championship with a total of 21 points and takes 7th place in the Constructors' Championship.

    January 1998: The Prost Peugeot AP01, the first car entirely designed and constructed by Prost Grand Prix, is unveiled. Olivier Panis and Jarno Trulli are the official drivers for the 1998 season.

    March 1998: Prost Grand Prix moves into the new factory. The 80 plus staff rapidly increases in the drawing, RD and IT offices, while machinery of the highest technical level is installed. By June the personnel reaches 150.

    June 1998: The factory now fully operational, the following six months are devoted to a restructuring programme involving the team's resources and work methods.

    July 1998: Contract with B3 Technologies and its principal John Barnard. John becomes exclusive technical consultant to Prost Grand Prix with a team of 30 people directly involved in the development of the APO2.

    October 1998: At the end of a difficult but constructive first season, Gauloises Prost Peugeot is classified 9th in the Constructors' Championship, with 1 hard-fought point obtained by Trulli at the Belgian GP.

    March 1999: An all-new project, the Prost Peugeot AP02, designed by Loic Bigois in collaboration with B3 Technologies makes its debut at the Australian GP. Panis and Trulli continue as the team's drivers.

    June 1999: Prost Grand Prix strengthens its technical structure by recruiting Alan Jenkins as Technical Director. Jenkins' integration is aimed at giving the team long term stability and development.

    November 1999: Gauloises Prost Peugeot closes the season in 7th place in the Constructors' Championship, with 9 points, Trulli's 2nd place at the European Grand Prix being their best result.

    January 2000: Prost Grand Prix consolidates its structure, with a workforce reaching 250. Formation of Prost Design, a joint venture between LV Capital (Group LVMH) and Prost Development, aimed at creating and marketing a range of quality Prost-branded products.

    1st February 2000: Presentation of the Prost Peugeot AP03 and of Gauloises Prost Peugeot 2000 drivers Jean Alesi and Nick Heifeld at the Barcelona circuit.

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