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Moss Rules Out Irvine's Chances

Friday January 21st, 2000

Racing legend Sir Stirling Moss ruled out Jaguar's chances in 2000, and in particular the chances of Eddie Irvine winning the WC title, or even a race.

"I can't see Eddie winning a race this season," Moss told The Mirror. "When you've got a new team the important thing is experience and Eddie lacks that knowledge. The fact we have a Jaguar team is great for British Grand Prix Racing but we should not expect too much in their first season.

"If they had signed up someone like Michael Schumacher it would be very different. He's the fastest driver around and can get things out of cars other can't. Schumacher is so much better than the others. There's no faster driver around, he's the Fangio of his generation.

"If you're looking for outsiders then Jordan are your best bet. It's the most open and exciting season for a long time."

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