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Atlas F1 News Service, a Reuters report

Ralf Schumacher Declared Fit to Race

Friday June 16th, 2000

BMW-Williams driver Ralf Schumacher will race in this Sunday's Canadian Grand Prix.

The German's place on the grid was put in doubt after he gashed his leg in at the Monaco Grand Prix two weeks ago.

But his eight-centimtre cut, which needed stitches, has healed sufficiently and he passed an FIA fitness test on Thursday night.

"Last week I restarted my fitness training and I feel fine," said Schumacher. "The wound is healing even though I still feel a bit of pain when loading the leg.

"I don't expect to have any problem in free practice, as we won't run too much. I hope the same also applies for the race.

"Usually I brake with my left foot, but if necessary I can also use my right foot. In order to reduce the vibration, we will stick some padding in the cockpit, where the heel is."