Michael Schumacher

Date of birth: 3rd January, 1969 View FORIX Stats
Current age: 34 years
Place of birth: Huerth-Hermuehlheim, Germany
Resident: Switzerland
Current Team: Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro
Official Website: http://www.michael-schumacher.com
Height: 1,74 m
Weight: 65 kg
Marital status: Married to Corinna, 1 daughter, Gina Maria (20th February 1997), 1 son, Mick (22nd March 1999)
Learned profession: Mechanic
Sports: Soccer, skiing, gym, running, mountain-biking
Hobbies: Go-karts, Relaxing
Favourite music: Rock, Dance
Favourite singers: Michael Jackson, Tina Turner
Favourite drink: Apple juice with mineral water
Favourite food: Italian food
Start of racing career: First experience in Go-karts at the age of 4, first Go-kart-races in 1983
First racing car: Formula Konig
First success: German Junior Kart Champion 1984
Most memorable experience: Winning the Formula One World Championship in 1994
Career: 1984 German Kart Jr Champion
  1985 German Kart Jr Champion, World Championship runner-up
  1986 German Kart Championship, 3rd, European Championship, 3rd
  1987 Kart European + German Champion
  1988 Formula Konig, German Champion, FF 1600 Europ. Championship, 2nd; FF 1600 German Championship, 4th
  1989 F3 German Championship, 3rd
  1990 WSPC/Sauber-Mercedes, 1 win, 5th; F3 German Champion, Winner F3-GP Fuji
  1991 WSPC/Sauber-Mercedes; DTM from Norisring onwards; F1 Jordan-Ford/Benetton-Ford, 6 races from Spa on, 4 points, 12th
  1992 F1 Benetton Ford, 53 points, 3rd, 1st GP win at Spa
  1993 F1 Benetton-Ford, 52 points, 4th
  1994 F1 Benetton-Ford, 92 points, 8 wins, World Champion
  1995 F1 Benetton-Renault, 102 points, 9 wins,
World Champion
  1996 F1 Ferrari, 59 points, 3rd, 3 wins
  1997 F1 Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, 78 points, 5 wins, excluded from the WC by the FIA after collision with Villeneuve at the GP of Europe in Jerez
  1998 F1 Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, 86 points, 2nd, 6 wins
  1999 F1 Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, 44 points, 5th, 2 wins, absent from 7 races due to broken leg (British GP)
  2000 F1 Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, 108 points, 9 wins, World Champion
  2001 F1 Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, 123 points, 9 wins, World Champion
  2002 F1 Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, 144 points, 11 wins, World Champion
  2003 F1 Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro

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