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Jaguar R4


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    R4 composite monocoque structure, designed and built in-house, carrying the Cosworth Racing CR-5 V10 engine as fully stressed member, Jaguar steering and power assistance.

    Front suspension
    Cast titanium uprights. Upper and lower carbon wishbones and pushrods. Torsion bar springing and anti-roll bar. Jaguar/Penske damper layout.

    Rear suspension
    Cast titanium uprights. Upper and lower carbon links and pushrods. Coil springs and torsion anti-roll bar. Jaguar/Penske damper layout.

    Jaguar seven-speed gearbox, longitudinally mounted high-pressure hydraulic system for power shift and clutch operation. AP Racing triple-plate pull-type clutch. Independent oil system using Castrol Fluid Technology.

    Fuel system
    Rubber fuel cell, mounted in monocoque behind cockpit.

    Oil system
    Oil tank mounted at rear of monocoque.

    Cooling system
    Separate water and oil cooling radiators in each sidepod.

    Pi 'VCS' System. Integrated engine/chassis electronic control system, DASM and DATA logger.

    Braking system
    AP Racing lithium alloy six-piston callipers. Carbon Industrie or Brembo carbon/carbon discs and pads.

    Tyres: Michelin

    Engine Specification - Cosworth Racing CR-5 V10

  • Displacement: 2998 cc
  • Configuration: 90-degree V10, naturally aspirated
  • Cooling system: Air / Oil – Air / Water radiators
  • Construction: Aluminium block and heads cast in Cosworth Racing’s own foundry. Aluminium alloy pistons. Steel crankshaft.

    Team Principals

    Managing Director - David Pitchforth

    No stranger to motor sport, David Pitchforth joined Jaguar Racing in March 2002 from the Auto Research Center (US) where he held the position of Managing Director. David then gained further responsibility within the team as he took on the role of both R3C and R4 Project Manager. A clear and concise communicator, David Pitchforth has a strong technical background coupled with commercial experience.

    Starting his career in 1982 with Schwitzer, David’s career has provided exposure in all world racing formula including; Formula One, CART, IRL, NHRA, NASCAR, Formula 3 and 3000. Extensive experience over the years has been gained in; Aerodynamic / Thermodynamic measurements, vibration measurement, spectral analysis, strain measurement, acoustic noise measurement, test equipment commissioning and correlation, in addition to component manufacturing.

    Head of Vehicle Performance - Mark Gillan

    Published over 40 aerospace and biomedical research journal and conference papers and has two patents. One of the patents is for a novel haemodynamic control device for use in by-pass surgery: the research which was performed in conjunction with Northern Ireland's primary vascular unit won the Engineers Employers' Federation Trophy.

    Head of Vehicle Design - Robert Taylor

    1985 - 1987: Rolls Royce, design engineer, advanced projects department. 1987 – 1989: Cosworth, design engineer, F1 design department (HB-V8 Ford F1 engine). 1989 – 1992: Benetton Formula, design engineer. (Powered by Ford V8) (Suspension). 1992 – 1997: Ferrari, design engineer. (Active and passive suspension, gearbox). 1997 - 2002: Arrows, design engineer/design manager. (Carbon gearbox)

    Head of Aerodynamics - Ben Agathangelou

    B.Eng. Aeronautics/Astronautics from Southampton University – First Class honours (1993). Three years at McLaren as CFD Engineer/Aerodynamicist – responsible for CFD/wind tunnel testing. One year at Tyrrell Racing as Senior Aerodynamicist – responsible for 026 aero package. 18 months at aborted Honda Racing Development Team as Chief Aerodynamicist – responsible for complete aerodynamic aspects of RA099 test mule. Three years at Benetton Formula Ltd / Renault F1 as Chief Aerodynamicist responsible for complete aerodynamic aspects of B200/B201/R202

    Chief Engineer - Malcolm Oastler

    Malcolm has been involved in the design of successful racing cars since the mid-80s. Interested in cars from an early age, Malcolm raced in Australian Formula Ford in 1983 and 1984, finishing second in the National Championship in his rookie year.

    The Drivers

    Mark Webber
    see bio

    Antonio Pizzonia
    see bio

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