Atlas F1   100 Years of Mercedes: The Trivia Quiz

ATLAS F1   Volume 7, Issue 1 by Marcel Borsboom, Netherlands

It's been 100 years since the first Mercedes car took the streets, and 100 years since it went racing. 100 glorious years, making it one of the most successful and famous auto manufacturers in the world. But how well do you know its past and present? Atlas F1 brings you the ultimate trivia quiz of the Mercedes Century. Simply choose one answer to each of the following 25 questions, and press "submit" to get the results. Have fun!

1. What does the three pointed Mercedes star represent?

The three daughters of Mercedes's first innovator
Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Land, Sea and Air

  2. What is the name of the Mercedes racing team's manager, who led the team in 1954-1955?

Alfred Neubauer
Hans Herrmann
Hermann Lang

3. How many races did Stirling Moss win for Mercedes?


4. What was the nickname of the Mercedes F1 car used in 1954-1955?


5. Who was the only driver to compete in all races for Mercedes in the 50s?

Karl Kling
Stirling Moss

  6. In which F1 Grand Prix did Mercedes make its debut?

Argentine Grand Prix 1954
Belgium Grand Prix 1954
French Grand Prix 1954

7. What is the similarity between the first race of Mercedes in 1954 and the first race of Mercedes in 1993?

Both times all cars retired from the race
Both times all Mercedes (engined) cars got disqualified
Both times Mercedes (engined) cars scored points

  8. In which Grand Prix did Mercedes make its comeback to F1 in the 90s?

Brazilian Grand Prix 1993
South African Grand Prix 1993
Brazilian Grand Prix 1994

9. With which team did Mercedes make its comeback in the 90s?


  10. Who is Mercedes motorsport boss today?

Jurgen Schrempp
Jurgen Hubbert
Norbert Haug

11. Who won Mercedes's first race since 1955, in 1997?

Mika Hakkinen
David Coulthard
H.H. Frentzen

  12. Which company is building the Mercedes engines nowadays?


13. Which of the current F1 drivers previously drove for Mercedes in other forms of racing?

M Schumacher, Frentzen
M Schumacher, Fisichella
Frentzen, Trulli

  14. How many Grands Prix have Mercedes won in F1, as constructor or as engine supplier, overall?


15. Who was the last German to drive for Mercedes in F1?

Von Tripps

16. How many horsepowers did the first Mercedes-named car have?


17. What is the the age of the oldest found Mercedes car in the world?

99 years old
100 years old
101 years old

  18. When did Mercedes and Benz unite?


19. Why didn't Gottlieb Daimler get to see his first Mercedes car hit the road?

He was in prison for avoiding income tax
He left the company because of a dispute
He died in 1900, shortly before the car was released

  20. Which were the only three F1 races that Mercedes did not win during the 1954-1955?

Spain 54, Britain 54 and Monaco 55
Holland 55, Spain 55 and Britain 54
Monaco 54, Britain 54 and Spain 54

21. How many Mercedes cars have been sold in the past 100 years?

15.1 million
19.4 million
25.6 million

  22. Which current F1 test driver had the opportunity to take the Mercedes Le Mans car for a fly?

Ricardo Zonta
Mark Webber
Alexander Wurz

23. In how many F1 races did Mercedes compete as a constructor?


  24. After whom is the Mercedes car named?

The daughter its first buyer, Emil Jellinek
The famous Argentinian singer, Mercedes Sosa
Gottlieb Daimler's thoroughbred horse

25. What is the name of the company today, which owns the Mercedes marque?

Silver Arrows Mercedes


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The Original Benz

The Original Daimler

The Original Maybach

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