-July 28th, 1999- The Journal of Formula One Motorsport -Vol. 5, No. 30-

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Qualifying Differentials
by Marcel Borsboom 

Measuring teammates against eachother

Bookworm Critique
by Mark Glendenning 

Reviewing books about F1. This Week: "Schumacher: The Quest for Redemption"

Rory's Rambling
by Rory Gordon 

An occasional column from the antipodes

The Grapevine
by The F1 Rumors Team 

Rumours and speculations in the F1 world

German Grand Prix

H 29°C/85F L 15°C/59F
H 29°C/85F L 15°C/59F
H 29°C/85F L 15°C/59F


The Austrian GP Review
by Michele Lupini 

Eddie Irvine's victory at the A1 Ring had all the ingredients of a great movie flick and indeed, the Austrian GP was a brilliant race. Michele Lupini recaps all the special moments of the weekend, including a lap-by-lap account of the race

Reflections on A1 Ring
by Roger Horton 

Five on-the-limit laps after Coulthard's stop saw the usual Ferrari tactic work, only this time it was Michael Schumacher's faithful shadow that did the business. Those laps could well be the making of Eddie Irvine's career...

The German GP Preview
by Ewan Tytler 

With the surprising Austrian GP still vivid in mind, the F1 circus moves to Germany's Hockenheim for the tenth round of the World Championship. Ewan Tytler evaluates the field and the players, and places him bets on the outcome

The Nostalgia Column
by Marcel Schot 

The German GP is one of the long-standing races on the FIA WC calendar, a place where many drivers put their best performance and were crowned as world champions. Marcel Schot looks back the at the memorable moments

A Lap of Hockenheim

A detailed drive around the second longest and second fastest circuit amongst current Formula One tracks

German Grand Prix
by Interwetten 

Hakkinen1.80 Irvine3.50
Coulthard4.50 Frentzen12.00
R Schumacher14.00 Salo16.00
Barrichello20.00 Fisichella30.00
Hill30.00 Villeneuve50.00
Zanardi50.00 Wurz50.00
Herbert50.00 Alesi50.00

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