-May 19th, 1999- The Journal of Formula One Motorsport -Vol. 5, No. 20-

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- Back to testing
- Salo will drive Spain
- Schumacher wins at Monaco


The Monaco GP Review
by Michele Lupini 

Michele Lupini reviews all the race's major events - from the brilliant start of Schumacher to the humiliating third place of Hakkinen. He also provides a full, lap-by-lap recap of the Monaco Grand Prix

Reflections on Monte Carlo
by Roger Horton 

Ron Dennis says that it is the Monday morning after that it really hits you. Roger Horton reflects on the prospects of that Monday morning Dennis was having, the day after the historic Ferrari 1-2 in Monaco

Grand Prix Redux | Feature
by Thomas O'Keefe 

Sylvester Stallone is scheduled to begin the production of a new movie about Formula One, the first film to be done on the sport since John Frankenheimer's movie "Grand Prix", which was filmed during the 1966 season. In a two part article, Thomas O'Keffe explores the legacy of "Grand Prix" and the possibilities for Stallone to repeat the success of the earlier movie

Weekend at Monaco | Feature
Atlas F1 Special 

The Monaco Grand Prix is a massive event, seen by millions on TV, and attracting a huge crowd from all over the world. But what's it like for the drivers, the men at the centre of the action? Eddie Irvine reveals a little of what a Grand Prix weekend at the glamorous principality looks like

1999 SuperStats
by Rory Gordon 

Reviewing the drivers' performance through races with various statistics

Qualifying Differentials
by Marcel Borsboom 

Stats comparing the performance of teammates throughout the season

Bookworm Critique
by Mark Glendenning 

This week's Book Review: "Technology of the F1 Car"

Rear View Mirror
by Don Capps 

Backward glances at racing history

The Grapevine
by The F1 Rumors Team 

Weekly updates on the rumours and speculations of the Grand Prix world


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