Stewards dismiss Ferrari protest
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Monday August 31, 1998

The Stewards of the Belgian Grand Prix have dismissed a protest by the Ferrari team against David Coulthard, following his collision with Michael Schumacher on the 24th lap of the race.

"After receiving a report from the Race Director," reads the stewards' decision, "which stated that, whilst being lapped, the driver of car no.7 (Coulthard) appeared to back off prematurely and caused car no. 3 (Schumacher) to hit the back of his car. The Stewards of the meeting summoned the drivers of cars no. 7 (Coulthard) and no. 3 (Schumacher) and the Competitors' representatives to see them immediately after the race. After hearing both the drivers and the Competitors' representatives and having made further investigations, the Stewards of the meeting decide that it was a racing accident and therefore take no further action."

Ferrari has not indicated an intent to appeal this decision as of now.

Reported Jan Nottmeier

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