Schumacher still furious
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Monday August 31, 1998

"I don't think I've ever been as angry as I am now," said today Michael Schumacher, in his first interview after the Belgian Grand Prix. Schumacher talked with the German reporter, Enrico Chiara, for the Michael Schumacher Website.

"It was so clear that we would lead the championship after this race," said Schumacher. "There wasn't any reason to think differently - I was the fastest driver yesterday." Referring to his incident with David Coulthard, which saw him retire on lap 25, Schumacher said: "Why was David lapping at around 2:10s and when I showed up behind him, he began to lap at around 2:16s? And why did he slowed so suddenly?"
Chiara: "Are you thinking that David Coulthard tried to...."
Michael Schumacher: "...I think that this is a strange thing. I was forced to crash against him. Is there any connection with the fact that I'm challenging his team-mate for the title?"
Chiara: "Did you really shout 'You wanted to kill me!' at Coulthard?"
Michael Schumacher: "Yes, that is true. I was blinded with rage. An experienced driver like him knows exactly that in these wet conditions you cannot slow down so suddenly on a straight, it is very dangerous."
Chiara: "Don't you think that you over-reacted?"
Michael Schumacher: "No. I was trying to pass him for two laps, so I asked Jean Todt to go to Ron Dennis and protest. If he wanted to let me pass he could leave me some room in the corner, not on a dangerous and fast and cloudy straight. This is a big, big, big disappointment. I could have gone to Monza with 3 World Championship points in the lead, and now I'm still seven points behind."

Jean Todt also joined in, and told Chiara: "Despite the waved blue flags, the McLaren's driver would not let Michael pass. In Jerez we were crucified for what happened between Michael Schumacher and Jacques Villeneuve. That was okay, but what happened here is even more dangerous."

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