Zanardi admits difficulties getting settled in F1
Zanardi admits difficulties getting settled in F1
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Saturday January 9th, 1999

CART Champion and new Williams Driver, Alex Zanardi, admitted this week he is not yet used to driving Formula One cars, and said he has yet to find the right speed. "Right now, I'm driving flat out and it's not fast enough," said Zanardi in a press conference. "Hopefully, I'll get there some time soon, hopefully before the first race."

Zanardi went on saying: "It'll take me a little time to set my limits. But my dream right now would be to finish the season and say I did my best. I can't really say my dream is to win at least one race. If a car is capable of winning one, it is normally capable of winning them all, so why limit yourself to one?"

Ask about his relationship with the young Ralf Schumacher, Zanardi replied that "He's maybe a reserved character but certainly not when he's driving. You can read in his eyes that he's got a great desire to prove himself. For an old guy like me, it's a great motivation. He's a smart guy so he'll realise it's in the best interests of the team to try and get on."

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