BAR set to fight all the way with the FIA
BAR set to fight all the way with the FIA
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Saturday January 9th, 1999

Craig Pollock has said that the choice to fight the FIA in a legal battle on dual livery was the only choice they had. He said: "I don't intend to come in and run a team with over 200 people and just step back on the first day. If I don't fight for my commercial rights then I won't be able to pay my staff. It's the only way we can finance the team. We are paid by sponsors and we have to protect them. It's extremely critical, if it wasn't we wouldn't have gone to arbitration. We do believe we have a very good chance of winning otherwise we wouldn't have gone forward with the case. We did try every compromise to try to avoid this. It's not just a question of duel-branding, it's a question of commercial rights, what we do with our cars, how we want our cars to go out there. We believe that other bodies should be worried about sporting and technical problems, I think it's for me to worry how I actually pay for my business. If we lose tomorrow we have a great paint shop."

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