Clarification Regarding 'Fatal Accident on Silverstone Track'
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Thursday July 29th, 1999

On Friday, July 9th, a man was killed at Silverstone when he and three of his friends were driving around the track in a MGF (a two seater convertible). Initial reports - including that on Atlas F1 News - claimed the four to be Royal Navy personnel and a part of the Helicopter Display Team which was performing at the Grand Prix.

However, Lieutenant L V Tooze of the Royal Navy, and one of the pilots of the Royal Navy helicopter detachment at Silverstone, has brought to our attention the fact that, while these four were indeed Royal Navy members, they were not part of the Royal Navy Helicopter Display Team.

We feel compelled to clarify this, in order to correct the wrongful impression that was made of the Display Team personnel due to this inaccuracy.

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