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Barrichello Breaks Fiorano Record but Loses to Schumacher

Monday December 6th, 1999

Rubens Barrichello set a new lap record at the Fiorano track today, with a time of 1:00.712.

Barrichello continued with the testing programme, which had been interrupted on Friday because of fog and a technical problem. He concentrated on the set-up of the F399, completing 40 laps. Testing ended at 16.00. Barrichello will resume testing on the Fiorano track tomorrow.

A spokesman for the Italian team confirmed today that the Brazilian had set a lap record, adding that the previous record was set by Luca Badoer and was 1:00.881. Michael Schumacher's best time at Fiorano is 1:00.941 and Eddie Irvine's record was of 1:01.219.

Schumacher, nonetheless, beat Barrichello on the first occasion the two competed against each other since Barrichello joined Ferrari; the German won the UNESCO Kart race this weekend at Germany and Barrichello finished second. Commenting on their first battle, Schumacher said: "I know that everyone has been waiting for this. However, you can't make a proper judgement about who's the fastest based on this event. Maybe my kart was a little bit faster, or maybe I just had a better day than Rubens. Today, we finished first and second. When we achieve the same results next season too, we will be satisfied. When I will finish the Championship in the same way I will be happy too."

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