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Scrutineer Says Coulthard's McLaren Illegal

Sunday March 26th, 2000

Formula One scrutineers said that the McLaren of Briton David Coulthard, who finished second in Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix, had failed a post-race inspection.

"In my opinion the car did not comply with article 3.7 of the 2000 FIA Formula One technical regulations and I am referring the matter to the stewards for their consideration," said FIA technical delegate Jo Bauer.

Article 3.7 relates to the front bodywork height and states that, "All bodywork situated forward of a point lying 33cm behind the front wheel centre line, and more than 25cm from the centre line of the car, must be no less than 5cm and no more than 25cm above the reference plane."

The top six finishers all had their cars checked and five of them were declared legal and Ferrari's Michael Schumacher was confirmed as official winner of the Brazilian Grand Prix on Sunday after a delay of almost four hours.

If Coulthard is disqualified, British 20-year-old Jenson Button will take the first point of his Formula One career after finishing seventh.

Coulthard, 29 on Monday, had taken McLaren's first points of the season.

"McLaren are still under investigation," said FIA spokesman Francesco Longanesi.

The last time Schumacher won the Brazilian Grand Prix -- with Benetton in 1995 -- he and second-placed Coulthard were both disqualified for fuel irregularities. They were later reinstated on appeal but their teams -- Benetton and Williams respectively -- were fined and lost the points in the constructors' championship.

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