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Reticent Coulthard Shows Respect, Says Brundle

Friday May 5th, 2000

David Coulthard's racing manager said on Friday the British Formula One driver's reluctance to go into detail about his escape from a plane crash was out of respect for the families of the two pilots who died.

Coulthard, in Barcelona for the Spanish Grand Prix, had spoken for the first time to the media about Tuesday's crash but refused to take questions after reading a prepared statement.

"David is a family man and the news that one of the pilot's wives was expecting another child hit him very hard." Martin Brundle told The Times newspaper.

"He is the last person on earth to be jumping around celebrating, saying: 'I am a big tough guy and I survived' when there are people out there going through hell."

British pilots David Saunders, 46, and David Worley, in his 30s, were killed instantly when the Lear jet crashed while attempting to make an emergency landing at the Lyon airport, but Coulthard guided two others out of the burning wreckage.

"He sat in a plane 10 feet (three metres) from two people who died giving him service...He has a lot of respect for the two families who have children who are going through agony at the moment," Brundle said.

He believed the experience would not affect Coulthard's performance in Sunday's race, where the McLaren driver will be looking to build on his victory at the British Grand Prix two weeks ago.

"He told me after Silverstone that he couldn't make a mistake, that he felt invincible. He has been collecting up his emotions, but he is totally in control," said the former formula one driver turned television pundit.

"I have escaped death on the track and there is a euphoria afterwards, and you get on the crest of a wave where you think every hour, every day, every time you open your eyes is a bonus in the morning, and you ride that wave for a while."

"David is desperately trying to keep his focus on the world championship. he seems on an even keel and wants to get on with driving his car. Getting back in the car will not be a problem for him."

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