-July 21st, 1999- The Journal of Formula One Motorsport -Vol. 5, No. 29-

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The F1 Insider
by Mitch McCann 

Mitch's unique narration of the F1 events

1999 SuperStats
by Rory Gordon 

Evaluating drivers through various stats

Qualifying Differentials
by Marcel Borsboom 

Measuring teammates against eachother

The F1 FAQ
by Mark Alan Jones 

You got a question? We have the answer

The Atlas F1 Trivia Quiz
by Marcel Schot 

Time to test how well you really know F1

The Grapevine
by The F1 Rumors Team 

Rumours and speculations in the F1 world

Austrian Grand Prix

H 19°C/66F L 16°C/61F
Partial Clouds.
H 20°C/68F L 16°C/61F
Mostly cloudy. Possible rain.
H H 23°C/73F L 64°C/59F
Partial Clouds.


The Austrian GP Preview
by Ewan Tytler 

As the second half of the season begins, the cards are reshuffled and everyone gets a second chance. Ewan Tytler evaluates the field and places his bets

Test Times Analysis
by Michele Lupini 

With Michael Schumacher out of the WC battle, last week's testing proved crucial in looking for the next in lines to challenge the Big Macs. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's a whole new ballgame...

A Lap of A-1 Ring

A detailed drive around the A-1 Ring

The Nostalgia Column
by Marcel Schot & Ewan Tytler 

The Austrian Grand Prix has a relatively short history, more so on its current track. But it did have some remarkable races, and Marcel Schot recounts them all. Ewan Tytler joins in, with a comparison of Austria's tracks in the past and present

The Strategist
Atlas F1 Feature 

As Ferrari enter a new era - without Michael Schumacher to lead the team - Eddie Irvine places his hopes on master tactician Ross Brawn. From here on, the name of the game is Strategy

Austrian Grand Prix
by Alpenland 

Hakkinen1.70 Coulthard3.00
Irvine5.00 Salo10.00
Frentzen15.00 Barrichello15.00
Fisichella15.00 R Schumacher25.00
Hill25.00 Villeneuve25.00
Zanardi25.00 Wurz30.00
Herbert50.00 Alesi50.00
Panis50.00 Zonta50.00

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