2003 Qualifying Differentials

By Marcel Borsboom, Netherlands
Atlas F1 Magazine Writer

With twenty four qualifying sessions completed for 2003, the differentials are once again on a roll! Let's see which drivers deserve bragging rights.

Germany Notables

  • Setting the Record Straight: Being his first Formula One race, naturally Nicolas Kiesa's 20th position on the grid is also his best ever... but another improvement came from the man he was replacing - Justin Wilson recorded his best ever position, in 16th.

  • The New Pairs: of the two new drivers' pairing, Nicolas Kiesa bettered Justin Wilson by qualifying closer to his Minardi teammate, Jos Verstappen, than Wilson did to his Jaguar one, Mark Webber.

The Elevator

We've decided to also keep track of the position changes between Friday and Saturday. We're not yet sure if it means anything, but we'll keep an eye on the results for the time being...

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Volume 9, Issue 32
August 6th 2003


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