2004 Qualifying Differentials

By Marcel Borsboom, Netherlands
Atlas F1 Magazine Writer

With six double qualifying sessions completed for 2004, the differentials are once again on a roll! Let's see which drivers deserve bragging rights.

Monaco Notables

  • Setting the Record Straight: The Monaco Grand Prix was, of course, the best qualifying result for Renault's Jarno Trulli - he grabbed his first pole position.

  • The Ferrari Duo: the first qualifying session at the Monaco Grand Prix was the first time Rubens Barrichello beat teammate Micha Schumacher in any of the sessions so far this season.

  • The Jordan Duo: Nick Heidfeld is so far the clear leader of this year's Qualifying Differentials - standing at the top of both Friday and Saturday differential charts.

  • The Jaguar Duo: If we compare the first six races of the 2003 season with the first 6 of 2004, it appears that Christian Klien has just slightly a bigger margin to Mark Webber in the second qualifying average than Antonio Pizzonia: the Brazilian was trailing Webber by 0.654 on average in the Saturday sessions last year, while Klien is 0.734 on average behind his Australian teammate after six (second) qualifying sessions this year.

  • Changes since San Marino: None.

The Elevator

This chart reflects the position changes between the first part and the second part of qualifying. Whether it has any meaning, we leave it up to you to decide...

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Volume 10, Issue 21
May 26th 2004

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