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  February News Articles 
(02-29-2000): First Equipment Lands in Melbourne
(02-29-2000): Fox Sports Net Continue F1 Coverage Across the USA
(02-29-2000): Button Back in Car as Burti Goes Fastest in Silverstone
(02-29-2000): Ralf Schumacher Remains Cautious about Williams' Chances
(02-29-2000): Schumacher Completes Race Simulation Successfully
(02-29-2000): Irvine will Settle for Third in Jaguar
(02-28-2000): Schumacher and Minardi Test at Mugello
(02-28-2000): Jerez Testing Wrap-up; Jaguar Fastest
(02-27-2000): Schumacher Breaks Mugello Lap Record Again
(02-26-2000): Ferrari Continue Testing on Two Tracks
(02-25-2000): Irvine Fastest at Jerez - Day Three
(02-25-2000): Ferrari Test on Two Tracks
(02-25-2000): Arrows Postpone Car Launch Due To Livery Change
(02-24-2000): Coulthard Fastest at Jerez - Day Two
(02-24-2000): Barrichello Drives the Second F1-2000 Car
(02-24-2000): Heidfeld Fears for Prost Reliability
(02-24-2000): Button Will be Fit for Season Opener, Says BMW
(02-24-2000): Morgan Grenfell to sell its 12.5% F1 stake
(02-23-2000): Frentzen Fastest at Jerez - Day One (updated)
(02-23-2000): Ecclestone Reveals Teams Led F1 Flotation Push
(02-22-2000): TV Viewership Continually Increasing -- FIA
(02-22-2000): Button to Miss Testing due to Injury
(02-22-2000): De la Rosa Breaks Barcelona Track Record - Day Six
(02-22-2000): U.S. Grand Prix Hospitality Committee Formed
(02-21-2000): Verstappen Fastest at Barcelona - Day Five
(02-21-2000): Benetton Eager for Renault Embrace
(02-21-2000): Wurz Hopes to Gain From Pain
(02-21-2000): Benetton Launch New Human Performance Centre
(02-20-2000): Prost Tests Ruined by Gearbox Problems; Barcelona - Day Four
(02-20-2000): Barrichello Puts the F1-2000 Through Race Distance
(02-20-2000): Schumacher Will Stay in 2001, Says di Montezemolo
(02-20-2000): Ecclestone Sells $1 Billion F1 Stake to U.S. Firm
(02-19-2000): Barrichello Alone at Mugello with the F1-2000
(02-19-2000): Hakkinen Fastest at Barcelona - Day Three
(02-18-2000): Frentzen Fastest at Barcelona - Day Two
(02-18-2000): Williams and Michelin set to begin Tyre Testing
(02-18-2000): Schumacher Breaks Mugello Lap Record Again
(02-17-2000): Hakkinen Fastest at Barcelona - Day One
(02-17-2000): Schumacher Breaks Mugello Lap Record in the F1-2000
(02-17-2000): Button has a Year to Prove Himself, Says Williams
(02-17-2000): F1 Teams Divided by Roll-Bar Dispute
(02-17-2000): Ecclestone Forsees Close Battle
(02-16-2000): Telefonica Still Interested in Buying Minardi
(02-16-2000): Minardi Hope Mazzacane may Surprise
(02-16-2000): Schumacher Runs the F1-2000 Successfully at Mugello
(02-16-2000): Williams Say Button Licence Not an Issue
(02-16-2000): BAR Optimistic After Intensive Tests
(02-16-2000): Villeneuve Ends Kyalami Test with Fastest Lap of Week
(02-15-2000): EU to Rule on France's Tobacco Ban Soon
(02-15-2000): Villeneuve Alone at Kyalami
(02-15-2000): Ecclestone Shelves Investor Plans
(02-14-2000): Mosley Says Button Must Pass Superlicence Test
(02-14-2000): Scheckter Says Barrichello Should Toughen Up
(02-14-2000): Minardi Announce Mazzacane as Second Driver
(02-14-2000): Zonta Remains Fastest at Kyalami
(02-14-2000): EC Shrugs Off Formula One Relocation Threat
(02-14-2000): EC Could Force F1 Out of Europe as Ecclestone's Float Fails
(02-13-2000): Badoer Runs More Than 300km at Fiorano
(02-13-2000): De la Rosa Smashes Barcelona Lap Record - Sixth Day
(02-13-2000): Zonta Leaves Kyalami Fastest
(02-12-2000): Coulthard Fastest at Barcelona Testing - Fifth Day (updated)
(02-12-2000): Schumacher Sidelined as Barrichello Completes Ferrari Testing
(02-12-2000): Former F1 Driver Jacky Ickx Escapes Assault
(02-12-2000): Button Fastest at Kyalami
(02-12-2000): Doohan Chosen as Flag-Waver for the Australian GP
(02-12-2000): EM.TV Won't Take Stake in Formula One
(02-12-2000): BAR Mechanics Injured in Pitlane Incident
(02-11-2000): Barrichello Continues at Fiorano
(02-11-2000): Alternating Venues Likely for Future South African GP
(02-11-2000): Back to Business at Kyalami
(02-11-2000): Irvine and Herbert Frustrated in Spain
(02-11-2000): Scheckter to Test for Jaguar
(02-10-2000): The FIA Inspects Jordan's Cockpit Legality
(02-10-2000): Wurz Fastest at Barcelona Testing - Third Day
(02-10-2000): Floods Halt Testing in Kyalami
(02-10-2000): Schumacher Stopped by Stiff Neck
(02-09-2000): Verstappen Fastest at Barcelona Testing - Second Day
(02-09-2000): Minardi to Unveil Car at Bilbao's Guggenheim
(02-09-2000): Schumacher Tests New Ferrari in the Dark
(02-09-2000): Ralf Quickest at Damp Kyalami
(02-08-2000): Barrichello Tests at Fiorano - Day One
(02-08-2000): Verstappen Fastest at Barcelona Testing - First Day
(02-08-2000): Teams Brave Flood Conditions in Kyalami
(02-08-2000): Paternity Test may Lead to Senna's Exhumation
(02-08-2000): Gloomy Kyalami Greets F1 Teams
(02-07-2000): Interviews with Schumacher, Barrichello and Todt
(02-07-2000): Interviews with Brawn, Byrne and Martinelli
(02-07-2000): Schumacher and Barrichello Begin Season as Equals
(02-07-2000): Ferrari Launch at Maranello
(02-06-2000): News Wrap-Up for this Week's Testing
(02-05-2000): McLaren Worker Killed Accidentally at Home
(02-04-2000): More Problems for McLaren at Jerez
(02-04-2000): Badoer Ends Ferrari Testing at Vairano
(02-04-2000): Frentzen Fastest on Last Day of Barcelona Testing
(02-04-2000): Interview with Adrian Newey on his New MP4-15
(02-03-2000): Another Successful Day for Irvine at Silverstone
(02-03-2000): Problems with McLaren's MP4-15 at Jerez Testing
(02-03-2000): Badoer Tests for Ferrari at Vairano
(02-03-2000): Frentzen Fastest on Third Day of Barcelona Testing
(02-03-2000): Coulthard to be More Selfish
(02-03-2000): Interview with Team Boss Peter Sauber
(02-03-2000): DaimlerChrysler Take up McLaren Option
(02-03-2000): McLaren Launch in Jerez: "Faster Than Ever"
(02-02-2000): Fisichella Fastest on Second Day of Barcelona Testing
(02-02-2000): Irvine Runs Successful Test Session at Silverstone
(02-02-2000): Sauber Launch: Salo and Diniz Start as Equals
(02-02-2000): Andretti to Race for Panoz at Le Mans
(02-02-2000): Problems for Prost on First Day of Barcelona Testing
(02-01-2000): Interview with Prost's Designer Alan Jenkins
(02-01-2000): Irvine Receives Motorbike Present
(02-01-2000): Button uses Video Footage to Learn
(02-01-2000): Mosley Tips Schumacher for Title
(02-01-2000): FIA Slams EU Antitrust Probe
(02-01-2000): Heidfeld to Learn From Ideal Teacher
(02-01-2000): Prost Launch in Barcelona
(02-01-2000): Yahoo to Sponsor Prost
(02-01-2000): Interview With Jordan Designer Mike Gascoyne

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